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There are many resources available to help you administer and interpret the Board, and aid in research on general and specific issues . The following are some sources of information. This is not an exhaustive list.

Alberta Labour Relations Code
The Labour Relations Code appears in a full text format. Use (Control+F) to search for code sections.

Public Service Employee Relations Act
The Public Service Employee Relations Act appears in a full text format. Use (Control+F) to search for sections of the Act.

Police Officer's Collective Bargaining Act
The Police Officers Collective Bargaining Act appears in a full text format. Use (Control +F) to search for sections of the Act.

Procedure Guide
The Procedure Guide appears in a full text format.

A Guide to Alberta's Labour Laws
The Guide to Alberta's Labour Relations Laws describes the Board and its role and outlines the collective bargaining system.

Information Bulletins
The Information Bulletins cover most of the Board's specific procedures. There are presently 23 Bulletins.

Rules of Procedure and Voting Rules
The Rules of Procedure and Voting Rules specify how the Board deals with applications and complaints before it.

The Alberta Labour Relations Board Reports
The Board reports its decisions as the Alberta Labour Relations Board Reports. They are available through a subscription service by the Legal Education Society of Alberta. Should you subscribe, you receive a binder; a case table; full-text decisions, with headnotes; keyword/subject index; updates on Court challenges; and Discussion Papers. The Reports are updated 6 times a year. Contact the ALRB directly for decisions not found on the ALRB website.

The Labour Relations Board Practitioner's Manual
The manual contains an annotated version of the Labour Relations Code. It also has as a full set of Board application forms, Rules and Information Bulletins. The citations referred to in the Annotation are all Board decisions. This publication is also available to interested parties on a subscription basis through the Legal Education Society of Alberta.

One can find QuickLaw, a widely-used Canadian online legal research service useful. Quick Law allows users to access and search a large number of databases according to a variety of search criteria. These databases contain the full text of recent Canadian court and tribunal decisions, and digests of many older cases.

Decisions from other Jurisdictions
The Labour Relations Board subscribes to the Canadian Labour Relations Board Reports, the Ontario Labour Relations Board Reports, and the Canadian Labour Law Reporter which reports Court, labour board and human rights cases from across Canada.

General Reference Books
Each Board office also has general reference books dealing with Labour Relations topics. The most commonly referenced are:
Adams, George W. Canadian Labour Law, Second Edition Auora, Ont.: Canada Law Book, 1993.
Brown, Donald J.M. and David M. Beatty. Canadian Labour Arbitration, 3rd ed. Auora, Ont.: Canada Law Book, 1988.
Sack, Jeffrey and C. Michael Mitchell. Ontario Labour Relations Board Law and Practice Toronto: Butterworths, 1985.
Dorsey, James E. Canada Labour Relations Board: Federal Law and Practice Toronto: Carswell, 1983.
Foisy, Claud H.; Daniel E. Lavery and Luc Martineau. Canada Labour Relations Board Policies and Procedures Toronto: Butterworths, 1986.




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