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Rules of Procedure, Voting Rules and Information Bulletins

The Board currently has 26 information bulletins.  The Board also has Rules of Procedure and Voting Rules. To print a copy of the Table of Contents, follow this link.

Rules of Procedure and Voting Rules

Rules of Procedure

Voting Rules


Information Bulletins


#1. Introduction to Labour Relations Board Proceedings

This Bulletin deals with applications, complaints and differences under the Labour Relations Code, Public Service Employee Relations Act and the Police Officers Collective Bargaining Act. Information required of the applicant, respondent and intervenor (petitioners) form part of the Bulletin. The Bulletin introduces the use of mandatory and optional forms.  Basically, it is how to apply, what to include, and to whom to send it. The Bulletin refers people to the Rules, the remaining Bulletins, the Code and other Board resources.

#2 Processing Applications, Complaints and References

This Bulletin describes in detail how to file an application or complaint. It also includes an overview of the various procedures the Board and the Director of Settlement can use to promote early resolution of issues. It deals with processing of unfair labour practice complaints. It specifically deals with informal hearings under section 11 and their usage as well as notification procedures. Parties should review this Bulletin whenever filing an application or complaint.

#3 Officer's Settlement and Investigation Powers

This Bulletin introduces the parties to the Officer’s status, role, and powers. It details the settlement function of the Officer. The Bulletin includes comments about the evidentiary status of the Officers report, and its use in applications and complaints.

#4 Location and Conduct of Board Hearings

This Bulletin sets out the location of, procedures for, and general conduct at hearings of the Board. It should be used as a guide by all parties who appear before the Board. It is referenced in other Bulletins whenever they refer to hearings.

#5 Notices to Attend

This Bulletin outlines the procedure and the forms that the Board uses when notices this type are requested by a party. It also details the responsibilities of the parties when issuing differing types of notices.

#6 Applications for Reconsideration

Since the Board may reconsider its decisions, this Bulletin sets out the method of application and the Board’s policies governing reconsideration.

#7 Trade Union Filings, Name Changes and Successorships

This Bulletin deals with trade union filing requirements under Alberta’s labour relations legislation.  It summarizes what unions must do to comply when filing, changing name or seeking successor status.

#8 Certification

This Bulletin reflects the procedures and forms required by the certification procedures contained in Alberta’s labour relations legislation. It is meant to be a step-by-step guide for the parties involved in the certification process. It cross references the Voting Rules and the Information Bulletin on Representation Votes.

#9 Bargaining Unit Descriptions

This Bulletin contains general information for all bargaining units excluding construction and specific health care units (which have their own Bulletins). It describes the terminology customarily used by the Board for bargaining unit descriptions. It provides general guidance about the unit description the Board may find appropriate.

#10 Bargaining Units for Hospitals and Nursing Homes

This Bulletin describes Board policies regarding bargaining units for specific health care employers.

#11 Bargaining Units for the Building Trades

This Bulletin describes Board policies regarding bargaining units for the construction and construction-related industries.

#12 Registration in the Construction Industry

This Bulletin deals with the registration of employer organizations in the construction industry.  It explains the registration concept as outlined in the Code and regulations.

#13 Revocation of Bargaining Rights

This Bulletin outlines the revocation process including details on petitions and the role of the spokesperson for petitioners.

#14 Representation Votes

This Bulletin sets out the procedures, timing and eligibility for votes used in certification and revocation applications.

#15 Proposal Votes

This Bulletin sets out the procedures, notice and content of proposal vote applications

#16 Strike and Lockout Votes

This Bulletin is a guide for parties wishing to conduct a strike or lockout vote under Alberta’s labour relations legislation.

#17 Regulation of Strikes, Lockouts and Picketing

This Bulletin discusses the rights and obligations of lawful picketing, strikes and lockouts. It includes information about applications to regulate picketing. It also covers the complaints dealing with such actions that are unlawful. It notes the protection given for striking or locked out employees.

#18 The Duty of Fair Representation

This Bulletin is a basic explanation of the duty of fair representation. It should be particularly useful to trade unions in dealing with their rights and obligations under this section.

#19 Common Employer Declarations

This Bulletin includes information about how the Board will handle applications for these types of declarations.

#20 Avoiding Delay in Arbitration

This Bulletin describes how the Board can expedite arbitrations.

#21 Successor Employers

This Bulletin sets out the policies and procedures the Board uses when processing applications on successor employers.

#22 Determinations

This Bulletin outlines the procedures the Board will use to determine whether persons are or are not employers/employees under Alberta’s labour relations legislation. It also deals with the procedures to determine whether or not an employee falls within a given bargaining unit.

#23 Remedies and Costs

This Bulletin sets out the remedial powers, principles guiding remedies, types of remedies, the obligation of parties to mitigate their loss and the Board's approach to awarding costs.

#24 Essential Services - Transitional

The transitional version of this Bulletin sets out the requirements for parties governed by the essential services Division of the Code and discusses the procedures to be used by the Essential Services Commissioner for applications under that Division.

#25 Review of Arbitrations - Transitional

The transitional version of this Bulletin sets out the Board's processes for review of grievance arbitration matters.

#26 Marshalling of Proceedings - Transitional

Amendments to the Code in 2017 gave the Labour Relations Board new authority to "marshal" legal proceedings concerning employment. The transitional version of this Bulletin sets out the Board's processes for Marshalling of Proceedings

#27 - Union Dues Election and Financial Disclosure - Transitional

The transitional version of this Bulletin contains information and key dates regarding election of union dues and union financial disclosure obligations, and it sets out the Board's processes for addressing disputes about union dues and financial disclosure.


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