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Sample Certificate

When the Board certifies an employer, it issues a formal certificate. This certificate identifies the names of the employer and the trade union. It also defines the bargaining unit for which the trade union is certified. The certificate indicates a bargaining relationship exits between the named parties. The Board does not issue certificates for bargaining relationships established through voluntary recognition.

See the sample certificate below:

A certificate has seven elements:

  1. The trade union's legal name.
  2. The employer's legal name.
  3. The bargaining unit, often called the unit description.
  4. The Board's signature (the Chair or a Vice-Chair).
  5. The Process file number and the Bargaining Relationship file number.
  6. The certificate number.
  7. The date of the certificate (the latter of the date of the certification vote or Board order creating the certificate).

Graphic CertificateClick on this Certificate to see a larger size.


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