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Filing Applications

An application, complaint or reference must be filed in order for the Board to take action. For example, if a trade union wishes to become the exclusive bargaining agent for a group of employees, they file a certification application. Similarly, if a union and employer cannot determine if an employee should be in a bargaining unit, they may refer the question to the Board.

The Board has created a number of application forms. These are available in the Calgary and Edmonton Board offices. You can also download these forms from the Board’s website. Some applications are, however, made to the Board simply by letter. If you have questions about how to file an application, please contact one of the Board’s officers.


Q: Do I have to drop off an application in person or can I mail or fax it to the Board?

A:   Many people choose to drop their application off in person. This allows you to have the application reviewed by one of the Board’s officer’s. If the officer has any concerns about the application, they will point it out to you and you may choose to amend the application. For example, sometimes applications lack important (but easy to find) information. You may also fax or mail your form to the Board.



Q: Does the Board accept electronic (e.g., email) applications?

A: No.



Q: Do I have to give a copy of the application to anyone else?

A: Yes. You are responsible for providing a copy of the application to anyone who may be affected by it. For example, if an employee complains that a union has not met its duty of fair representation, the employee must also serve a copy of the application on the union and the employee’s employer.



Q: What happens to an application once it is accepted?

A:   Normally, Board staff review the application to see if its meets the Board’s requirements. Occasionally, the Board receives incomplete applications or applications for matters outside of the Board’s jurisdiction. If an application is incomplete, the Board normally directs the applicant to provide further information by a specified date. Complete applications are normally assigned to a Board officer. The officer contacts the applicant to discuss the application and then contacts any other affected party to ensure they are aware of the application. Correspondence that details the next steps in the application follows immediately.


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