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Application/Complaint Forms

The following forms have been prepared by the Alberta Labour Relations Board as a convenience to the labour relations community. Printed forms will remain available as before from the Board's office.

These files are not to be altered or changed by any person other than Board personnel. Any application filed on an amended or changed form may not be in compliance with the Rules.

The forms are prepared in Word 97.  It is important that you rely upon your own organization's expertise and/or knowledge of the software and keyboard merge programs as the Board does not have the resources or expertise to provide telephone or other support for computer programs or files.

Word:   By using your "Insert" key, you can fill out the form with as little disruption to the form itself.  Please try to keep the form in a format as close to the original as possible.

You should download the "readme" file along with any Board Form. It is intended to provide the user with important information about the use of the file.

  • All applications and complaints must follow the procedure as set out in the Board's Rules of Procedure - Rule 4.
  • Although the forms are available through the Internet, the Board will not accept applications or complaints through electronic e-mail.
  • Please feel free to email the Board with any comments you may have with these forms. Your observations about errors in the materials or the merge process will help us to consider modifications in the files for future distributions.

*Note - if you experience problems accessing newly amended forms, please note you may need to clear your browser's cached temporary files.


Application/Complaint Forms

Word 2000 Files

Form Number
Essential Services - Application for Exemption ES 01
Essential Services - Reply to Application for Exemption ES 02
Essential Services - Joint Submission of Essential Services Agreement for Filing ES 03
Application for Certification

Employee Petition
- Application for Certification
LRB 01

LRB 27

Application for Board Conducted Proposal Vote LRB 02
Application for Board-Supervised Strike or Lockout Vote

Declaration of Strike Vote

Strike Vote Notice

Sample Ballot

LRB 03

LRB 14

LRB 26

LRB 25

Unfair Labour Practice LRB 04
Employee Application for Revocation of Bargaining Rights

Employee Petition - Application for Revocation

LRB 05

LRB 28

Employee Petition - General LRB 29
Trade Union Filing LRB 07-A
Application for Trade Union Name Change or Successorship LRB 07-B
Application for Redirection of Union Dues for Religious Reasons LRB 08
Duty of Fair Representation Complaint LRB 09
Construction Industry Continuing Employment Declaration LRB10
Application for Registration LRB 12
Application for Notice to Attend / Notice to Attend and Produce LRB 15
Application and Ballot for Single Employer Lockout Poll LRB 16
Application to establish an Arbitration Board LRB 23
Declaration of Lockout Vote

Lockout Vote Notice

Sample Ballot

LRB 031

LRB 32

LRB 25

Application for Cease and Desist Order LRB 24

Application for Review of Arbitration

Table of Contents of the Arbitration Record

LRB 33

LRB 34

readme file -



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