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Stakeholder Information

The Board wishes to advise stakeholders in the labour relations community of events, meetings and committee proceedings which may affect you.


Chair, William J. Johnson, Q.C. welcomes the opportunity to address meetings of your organization, conferences or education seminars to talk about procedures at the Board and his vision for the Board.  To arrange a meeting with Mr. Johnson contact his assistant, Marlene Leslie, at (780) 422-6352.

Vice-Chairs, the Director of Settlement, and the Labour Relations Officers are also available to speak to your group about the Labour Relations Board and its procedures.   Phone the Board at (780) 422-5926 to set up a meeting!



Studies, Reports, Reviews

The Board is proud to announce that two independent studies have recently put the Alberta Labour Relations Board at the forefront of administrative boards in Canada and labour boards across North America .  In a recent study prepared by the Fraser Institute the Board tied for Number 1 in North America among labour boards for transparency and openness.  An earlier study undertaken by the Public Policy Forum noted the Board as a Best Practice Model for all administrative tribunals in Canada with respect to our objectivity, transparency and impartiality around Board Appointments and Reappointments. View the report.


October 11, 2005

The Transparency of Labour Relations Boards in Canada and the United States:

"Labour relations boards across Canada and the United States have significant room to improve their transparency and accountability by increasing the voluntary and timely release of information to the public, according to The Transparency of Labour Relations Boards in Canada and the United States, released today by The Fraser Institute.

This new study is the first known attempt to measure the transparency of labour relations boards. The study includes the 10 provincial labour relations boards, the Canadian Industrial Relations Board, and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in the United States. " - The Fraser Institute


Guidelines for Consultation on Legislation

William Johnson, Q.C. is pleased to announce the adoption of guidelines designed to reinforce the impartiality and independence of the Labour Relations Board. These guidelines have been adopted by the Board’s Chair and Vice-Chairs who, along with members representative of labour and management, make up Alberta’s Labour Relations Board.  The Board’s mandate includes the adjudication of disputes that arise under the Labour Relations Code and the Public Service Employee Relations Act. 

The new guidelines clarify circumstances when consultation might occur between officials of government and of the Labour Relations Board over legislative initiatives. They set out procedures to ensure both fairness and greater transparency in Labour Board processes when any such consultations take place.

These guidelines are timely and have been adopted now that the parties have resolved disputes that arose following the introduction of Bill 27; a bill that involved regionalization within the health care industry. The Board will be commending a similar approach for other Boards and Tribunals to the McCrank Task Force later this year.

Follow this link to view the Guidelines

Disclosure of Names of Individuals

Individuals filing applications, complaints or references are identified by name at various stages of the Board’s processes including in Board decisions, on the Board’s website, and in print and online reporting services that publish the Board’s decisions.  An exception to this general practice may be made, at the discretion of the Board, in cases where sensitive personal information will be disclosed.  Individuals wishing to have their names masked may apply to the Board by letter setting out the reasons for the request including what sensitive personal information will be disclosed.


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