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Can the Alberta Labour Relations Board help you?

Do you need to contact the Alberta Labour Relations Board or the Employment Standards Branch?

Are you looking for information on this website that you cannot find? That may be because The Alberta Labour Relations Board administers the Labour Relations Code dealing with disputes between employers and trade unions [and employees represented by trade unions].

If you belong to a trade union, you should first contact your union for assistance and information.

If you do not belong to a trade union, you will need to contact a different branch of the provincial government called the Employment Standards Branch. Employment Standards deals with problems such as these:

  • Paying Earnings
  • Minimum Wage
  • Hours of Work and Rest
  • Overtime
  • Vacation Pay
  • General Holidays and General Holiday Pay
  • Notice of Termination
  • Maternity and Adoption Leave
  • Continuous Employment
  • Adolescents and Young People
  • Farm Labourers and Domestics
  • Wage Rate Changes
  • Statement of Earning and Deductions


To contact Employment Standards Branch:

Phone:  Province-wide at (780) 427-3731
Toll free:  Dial 310-0000 (Alberta only), then request (780) 427-3731.

Legislation: Employment Standards Code


Canada Industrial Relations Board

Workplaces under federal jurisdiction (e.g., banking, broadcasting and interprovincial or international transportation) are governed by the Canada Labour Code and are administered by the Canada Industrial Relations Board.



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