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There are numerous organizations in Alberta and across Canada that administer courses and seminars in administrative justice:



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Alberta Foundations of Administrative Justice
AFAJ Website:

The Foundation of Administrative Justice is a not-for-profit society dedicated to training for administrative tribunals and their members, staff and clients.  Administrative tribunals includes boards, agencies, commissions, professional disciplinary and appeal committees, college and university appeal bodies, municipal committees and appeal bodies, and any other administrative, appeal or quasi-judicial organization.

The Foundation of Administrative Justice has an extensive training calendar that can meet the training needs of your organization.  FAJ conducts ten different courses on an annual schedule.  The training is designed and delivered by professionals who have or are involved in administrative tribunals.  It is the only training program of its kind in western and northern Canada.  The full training calendar for western Canada (dates, course descriptions and instructor bios) is on our website. In addition, we offer to our Platinum members the opportunity to access custom courses. 

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Council of Canadian Administrative Tribunals

Council of Canadian Administrative Tribunals

The Council of Canadian Administrative Tribunals (CCAT) is a national organization dedicated to supporting the work of administrative tribunals and promoting excellence in administrative justice.


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University of Calgary
Labour Arbitration and Policy Conference

Labour Arbitration Conference (June 10-11, 2010)

The University of Calgary holds a two-day conference in Calgary, Alberta that focuses on diverse topics in grievance and interest arbitration.  The Conference's umbrella organization continues to the Industrial Relations Research Group, a joint initiative of the Faculties of Management and Law at the University of Calgary.  The IRRG is a non-partisan and non profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of research and other ideas relevant to the conduct of labour-management relations.


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Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice

The administration of justice affects every member of Canadian society. The operation of our courts and the efficiency of the entire system of criminal and civil justice has an important impact on individuals, families, and economic well-being.

Fostering improvements in the administration of justice throughout Canada, broadening public knowledge and understanding of our system of justice, and preserving the integrity of a strong and independent judiciary are the primary objectives of the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice.

CIAJ, founded in 1974, is a national non-profit corporation with no government affiliation. In order to improve the quality of justice for all Canadians, the Institute continuously examines Canada's justice system, advancing reforms and exploring new directions in administrative justice.

CIAJ's work embraces all aspects of the administration of justice: universal access to justice; quality of legal services; court management and the conduct of trials; the judiciary at all levels; the interface between the law and social institutions; and the role of media
and the public.

CIAJ members come from all regions of Canada, and include judges, members of administrative boards and tribunals, the legal profession, educators, legal drafters, journalists, court personnel, staff of social agencies, and the public. We serve our members in both official languages.



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British Columbia Council of Administrative Tribunals

The B.C. Council of Administrative Tribunals was formed in 1996 to serve the public interest by contributing to the development and improvement of administrative justice in British Columbia in a non-partisan-independent and objective manner.


Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society
ADR Institute of Alberta

The ADR Institute of Alberta (ADRIA)

The ADR Institute of Alberta (ADRIA) is a not-for-profit organization that provides outstanding service to clients and students, and assists more than 450 members engaged in the practice of arbitration and mediation throughout the province of Alberta.


Canadian Center for Management Development
(Now The Canada School of Public Service)

The Learning Centre is the only learning centre in Canada that focuses exclusively on the development and training of Canada's senior federal public servants. It also serves federal public servants who have demonstrated potential to move into these ranks. The Learning Centre's goal is to develop federal executives who have the leadership competencies, diversity of experience and global perspective to assume ever-greater levels of responsibility.

Among The Learning Centre's permanent staff are those who guide the learning architecture and design needed to meet the learning objectives and content identified by the most senior levels of the Public Service.

The Centre supplements its own expertise with that available from other sources. It hires specialists in leadership skill development, and contracts out courses that are readily available elsewhere.

The Learning Centre conducts research on management topics of interest to executives in the public service.

[The Canadian Centre for Management Development (CCMD), Training and Development Canada (TDC) and Language Training Canada (LTC) have been brought together as one organization: The Canada School of Public Service. The School, which opened on April 1, 2004, creates a more unified approach to learning and development in the Public Service of Canada.]

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