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Discussion Papers

Discussion Papers are papers the Labour Relations Board has released over the years that continue to be of interest to the labour relations community. They are published in the Alberta Labour Relations Board Reports, starting in 1997 under a new tab called "Discussion Papers."

These papers are cited as: [1997] Alta.L.R.B.R. DP-001; [1997] Alta.L.R.B.R. meaning the 1997 Board Reports binder; "DP" meaning Discussion Paper and 001 meaning the first paper under that tab. Papers found here are cited in the Information Bulletins and/or decisions.


Name of Discussion Paper
1. Bargaining Unit Policies for Construction and Construction Related Employment
[1997] Alta.L.R.B.R. DP-001
2. Backgrounder: What makes an "appropriate" bargaining unit?
[1997] Alta.L.R.B.R. DP-002
3. Backgrounder: Functional Bargaining Units in Alberta's Health Care Industry
[1997] Alta.L.R.B.R. DP-003
4. Backgrounder: Geographical Limits in Health Care Bargaining Units
[1997] Alta.L.R.B.R. DP-004
5. Standard Health Care Bargaining Units
[2001] Alta.L.R.B.R. DP-005



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