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Biography - Mr. Michael Necula

I have spent my entire 39-year professional career in Labour-Management Relations, Mediating Collective Bargaining Disputes, Facilitation, Contract Negotiations, Labour Relations Consulting and Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) in both the public and private sectors across Canada.

The focus of my public sector experience has been in providing mediation services to major public sector unions and employers within the education, health care and essential services of fire and ambulance sectors under the jurisdiction of Alberta’s Labour Relations Code, Public Service Employees Relations Act and Police Officers Collective Bargaining Act. My private sector mediations covered a broad spectrum of unions and employers that function under the jurisdiction of Alberta’s Labour Relations Code.

From 1998 to 2012, I served on the Designated Mediation Roster for the Province of Alberta, Mediation Services Division. During this time, I received numerous mediation appointments to high-profile public sector disputes in Alberta’s Health sector involving Multi-Employers and the United Nurses Association; Urban and Rural School District Boards and the Alberta Teachers Association; City and Municipal Administrations and Police, Ambulance and Firefighters.

My roles and responsibilities as a mediator were to provide interest-based or facilitative mediation, to conduct and chair meetings, within a confidential and structured process that addressed submissions, evidence and positions of employers and unions under a legislative framework, along with maintaining impartiality and accountability for managing and resolving labour-management disputes.

I currently provide consulting services as a labour relations specialist, independent mediator, facilitator and collective agreement negotiator.

Some of my related strengths and achievements include:

  • Extensive experience in labour-relations management systems, facilitative mediation process, contract negotiations, interpretation of labour legislation and collective agreements.
  • Recognized as an innovative problem solver and expert in dispute resolution with a far ranging knowledge of labour relations, employment law and dispute resolution processes.
  • Development and implementation of process-orientated and systemic decision-making, accountability and management control systems for effective governance by organizations.
  • Experience in the development of policies and reporting procedures related to workplace harassment, discrimination, and employment and human rights legislation violations; as well as experience conducting investigations of incidents and complaints in these matters, and the subsequent preparation and submission of the investigation reports setting out the facts, issues, findings and recommended course of action.
  • Maintained senior labour-management relations positions with industry leaders and since 1996 have provided professional mediation and labour-management consulting services in Alberta and across Canada.

My labour relations credentials and experience have been acquired in Alberta, across Canada and throughout the United States. Following the completion of my formal education in which I obtained a B.A. Degree, I continued an informal course of studies in order to remain current in my field. This has included classes and courses.