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Biography - Mr. Dev Chankasingh

Professional Membership

Member of the Law Society of Alberta – Admitted in August 1989


B.A. Special Degree (with Distinction) and LL.B. Degree from the University of Alberta

Practice Areas

Labour, Employment and Administrative Law

In January 2012 Mr. Chankasingh was appointed to the roster maintained by the Federal Labour Program as a grievance arbitrator under Part I of the Canada Labour Code, as an unjust dismissal adjudicator and wage recovery referee under Part III of the Code, and as an adjudicator under the Wage Earner Protection Program Act.

In November 2014 Mr. Chankasingh entered into a contract with the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) to act as an Independent Legal Harassment Advisor. In that role, he provides independent legal advice to EPS members and civilian employees of the EPS on workplace harassment issues.

In December 2014 Mr. Chankasingh was appointed to the Grievance Arbitration Roster maintained by Mediation Services of the Government of Alberta’s Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour Department.

In June 2015 Mr. Chankasingh was appointed as a part-time member of the Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board (PSLREB) for a term of three years. Among other things, the PSLREB is responsible for the administration of the grievance adjudication system in the Federal public service.

Since January 2012 Mr. Chankasingh has received numerous consensual appointments as arbitrator for grievances between various employers and unions in Alberta. He has also conducted a number of investigations as an outside neutral in both unionized and non-unionized workplaces.

From January 2003 to September 2011, Mr. Chankasingh was Counsel, Labour and Employment, with Alberta Health Services and its predecessor health authorities’ employer organization, HBA Services (formerly Provincial Health Authorities of Alberta). He acted as counsel on behalf of health facilities throughout Alberta. The scope of his responsibilities included:

  • acting as counsel in numerous labour and employment litigation, including Labour Relations Board hearings, grievance arbitration board hearings, human rights matters and judicial review proceedings (which included an appearance at the Supreme Court of Canada as co-counsel for PHAA as an intervener);
  • appearing as counsel in mediations before labour arbitrators;
  • appearing as counsel at settlement conferences at the Labour Relations Board;
  • negotiating and concluding severance agreements for non-unionized employees and settlement agreements for unionized employees;
  • advising on all labour and employment matters, including collective agreement interpretation, processing of grievances, discipline and dismissal of employees and human rights issues;
  • research and preparation of legal opinions on labour and employment issues;
  • advising clients on alternatives to litigation, including negotiated settlements;
  • acting as a nominee at grievance arbitration hearings.

Mr. Chankasingh was a Partner at Miller Thomson (formerly Cook Duke Cox) until December 2002. From the early 1990s his practice focused primarily on labour, employment and administrative law. He advised and represented employers and employees in both unionized and non-unionized workplaces regarding a variety of issues, including negotiating and drafting employment agreements, certification under labour legislation, the negotiation, interpretation and administration of collective agreements, employment standards, human rights and employment related disputes.

In the area of employment related litigation Mr. Chankasingh has extensive experience in:

  • negotiating and concluding severance agreements;
  • mediation of employment related disputes;
  • attending at Judicial Dispute Resolutions;
  • conducting examinations for discovery;
  • appearing as counsel before the Court of Queen’s Bench;
  • negotiating and concluding settlement agreements.

Mr. Chankasingh also acted as counsel at grievance arbitration hearings, the Labour Relations Board, adjudications under the Canada Labour Code, appeals under employment standards and employment insurance legislation, complaints under human rights legislation and in the Court of Queen's Bench in judicial review matters.

He also appeared as counsel before other administrative tribunals such as the Hospital Privileges Appeal Board, the Development Appeal Board and the Discipline Committee of the Alberta Association of Registered Nurses.

Mr. Chankasingh has served in various voluntary capacities related to labour and employment law, including:

  • Acting as Case Review Officer and then Co-Chair of the Canadian Bar Association Labour and Employment Law Subsection;
  • Presenting a paper on the topic “Handling Medical Information: Reconciling Privacy with the Need to Know – the Employer’s Perspective” and sitting as a panel member at Lancaster’s Labour Arbitration Conference in Calgary;
  • Acting as Employment Counsel for the 2001 World Track & Field Championships in Edmonton;
  • Serving as a Contributing Editor, Butterworth’s Employment Law in Alberta (Loose leaf).

Born in Trinidad, W.I., Dev has resided In Edmonton since 1974. He is married to Debbie Seecharan for twenty-six years. Debbie is a teacher for the Edmonton Public School Board and together they are raising three children.